Television and video documentaries

Television and video documentaries:
Interview Radio De Golfbreker, Amersfoort n.a.v expositie Hekwerk in M.A.C. House in Leusden
"Presentación del catálogo del Laberinto de Piedra" by Laura Benavides. RTV 3.40, 14 sept 2008 (30 Min) "Interview with Ernst Kraft" by Maria José Román, News and views, RTV 3.40 English, 8th of Feb. 2007 (15 min.)
"El laberinto de Ernst Kraft", documentary by Monica Lopez for 3.40 Television. 3rd and 5th of Feb. 2007 (30min)
"Ernst Kraft, the labirinth", Channel 4, State Television Guanajuato, Mexico, 18 oct. 2006 (7 min.)
"Entrevista con Ernst Kraft", Sohail TV, Fuengirola, June 2006 (15 min.)
"Die Küste", Documentary about the Artists in Residence project in Passau, Germany, by Patricia Rio, 2006 (40 min.)
"Noticias Din A4" (Opening of the seat of Din A4 in the Gabinete de Hyde, Malaga), RTV 340, 14 Januar 2006 (20 min.)
"La noche con...", interview with Ernst Kraft, RTV Marbella, Nov. 2005 (45 min.)
"Untitled"(Ernst Kraft at work in his studio), by Mark Irons, 2004 (20 min.)
"Project DIN A4", RTV 3.40, 2004 (30 min.)
"Alquitrán", RTV 3.40, 2002 (30 min.)
"Ernst Kraft, Work on paper", University of Malaga, RTV 3.40, 2001 (30 min.)
"Interview", FTV Fuengirola, 2001 (30 min.)
"Galería Reding", RTV 3.40, 2000 (30 min.)
"Tierra", RTV Antequera, 1999 (20 min.)
"Paisajes con elementos aislados", RTV 3.40, 1997 (30 min.)
"Espacio Tres", Canal Malaga News, 1996 (5 min.)
"La Pasión", RTV 3.40, 1995 (10 min.) at the left:
Cover of the documentary: "Untitled" by Marc Irons
1- Arte Mijas, 2009: Ernst Kraft, Studio